Text of Legends


Sentient beings, are you ready to fight to survive?

This digital book is focused on other authors and their vision so you will find new adventures, new PCs, new stories, NPCs, scenarios and many interesting things!

Let’s take a closer look, The Text of Legends contains original stories that will let you know and discover new aspects of Materia:

  •  MOTHER, an adventure by Tommaso De Benetti 
  •  EVOHACK, a hack on inter-species communication by Chad Walker 
  •  SINTONIA, an adventure by Claudio SerenaRoberto Diglio, and Lorenzo Canali 
  •  THE CELESTIAL CITY, a setting by Mauro Longo 
  •  MYOSOTIS, a tale by Adriano Bompani
  •  THE DOOM OF THE NYMPHS, an adventure by Simone Morini
  •  X’TARAT, a complete character by Mike Dedwan
  •  MINEWORLD, an adventure by Alessandro Rivaroli

The Text of LEGENDS if fully compatible with XENOSCAPE

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