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  • #UrbanHeroes – Core Rulebook

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    #UrbanHeroes – Core Rulebook


    Inside #URBANHEROES – Core Rulebook you will find

    Book: Over 280 fullcolor pages, color softcover or hardcover, character sheets (PC and NPC).

    Rules: Original incremental dice system rules. No modifiers, thus no hard calculation skills needed. You will not be required to roll too many dice at once. Full rule coverage for every single natural phenomenon. Easy rules for beginners and rich experience for experts.

    Powers: Five classic superhero-related Origins of Power (Magical, Psionic, Divine, Genetic and Objects) revisited in a contemporary setting. A hundred Powers that can be mixed and matched to create a unique character. All of the Powers work in conformity to actual physical laws.

    Advancement: Fast advancement rules let you customize your character Episode after Episode. Comic book-related Power Ups

    Abilities: Innovative Abilities that rely on the player’s problem solving and decision making skills. More than 20 Specializations let you customize your character as a real person.

    Scenario: A 7-chapter presentation of the Earth-Z backstory with stunning graphical illustrations. Detailed description of a contemporary world inhabited by superheroes. Plots, adventure seeds and tips for the Scriptwriter. Discover multifarious factions, corporations, vigilantes’ teams and H.E.R.O. profiles.

    Extras: #UrbanHeroes is a world that grows day after day, visiting our social account you can find free stuff that will help you play.

    On our Issuu profile you’ll find some preview and free content for example a selection of 40 pages from the rulebook and the first 20 pages.

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  • XENOSCAPE – Pregenerated PCs


    XENOSCAPE – Pregenerated PCs


    EvadamKt’ KtMasvindaNamaarPlasmotarr and Servo they’re just sentient beings on the ruthless Materia, different life forms that have learned to coexist as a tribe and that you can use to immediately enter the world of XENOSCAPE.

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    XENOSCAPE is a survival-based post-sci-fi RPG with primitive and techno-fantasy shades at the same time.

    The setting

    Players will be able to take on the role of sentient beings, among the rarest creatures on Materia, an alien world immersed in a time far away from ours. Nature has now completely regained possession of the world that was heavily colonized by the parasitic hand of the Ancient Human Empire, of which today only a few sad remains remain submerged by a magnificent and terrible biosphere, where mammoth creatures and alien to any biological form live existing today.

    There is no trace of civilization, there is no coinage and bartering is the only form of universal trade; the few sentient species help each other as best they can hoping to survive day by day in groups of caravans or by creating small nomadic concentrations.
    The Law of the Living is the only tradition known and handed down far and wide for millennia: it guarantees the development and respect for Nature and all living species: among its precepts the most important one stands out, namely the absolute prohibition of diffusion of writing, considered the true cause of the decay of the past civilization.
    Beings of extreme biology and endowed with fantastic but scientifically plausible abilities populate the planet, generating in the players a continuous sense of discovery and danger.

    The Mechanics


    XENOSCAPE is a completely original title, from its definition of setting to the regulation tools used to manage storytelling activities.

    The XENOSCAPE system is original and has been designed to simulate the functioning of a biological organism. In fact, it is based on a resource management system, precious and fundamental for survival, but also necessary for carrying out notable feats. These resources will represent the energy, immune defenses and nervous system of the characters and can be recovered with rest and, of course, through nutrition, another essential focus of the game.

    XENOSCAPE uses six-sided dice, specifically 6mm d6, but which must not be thrown, but used as a scoreboard to be placed on the board to indicate temporary changes in scores. Trials and fights must be managed with prudent strategy and with the correct management of resources, rather than being resolved thanks to a fortuitous roll of the die.

    Questions about the game? Do you want to find people to play with? 

    Join the community: XENOSCAPE

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  • Scriptwriter’ Screen


    Scriptwriter’ Screen


    On the front you will find an amazing illustration by Antonio De Luca (Warner Bros, League of Legends, Magic: The Gathering), one of the most talented concept artist around.

    In the back you will find:

    on the left: combat section, prolonged tests, H.E.R.O.’s progress table.

    center: die progression, Fatigue, Psyche, Damages.

    on the right: Conditions’ table.

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  • Text of Legends


    Text of Legends


    Sentient beings, are you ready to fight to survive?

    This digital book is focused on other authors and their vision so you will find new adventures, new PCs, new stories, NPCs, scenarios and many interesting things!

    Let’s take a closer look, The Text of Legends contains original stories that will let you know and discover new aspects of Materia:

    •  MOTHER, an adventure by Tommaso De Benetti 
    •  EVOHACK, a hack on inter-species communication by Chad Walker 
    •  SINTONIA, an adventure by Claudio SerenaRoberto Diglio, and Lorenzo Canali 
    •  THE CELESTIAL CITY, a setting by Mauro Longo 
    •  MYOSOTIS, a tale by Adriano Bompani
    •  THE DOOM OF THE NYMPHS, an adventure by Simone Morini
    •  X’TARAT, a complete character by Mike Dedwan
    •  MINEWORLD, an adventure by Alessandro Rivaroli

    The Text of LEGENDS if fully compatible with XENOSCAPE

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  • XENOSCAPE – NPC sheet


    XENOSCAPE – NPC sheet


    Sentient Beings, welcome to Materia, this NPC sheet will help the Narrator track every NPC.

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  • The Narrator Screen – XENOSCAPE


    The Narrator Screen – XENOSCAPE


    What you will find

    The XENOSCAPE Narrator Screen has a Materia landscape illustration on the front and, on the back:

    Left: Check, Combat, Damage

    Center: Contitions

    Right: Dream Table

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  • The True OSR – Obsolete Shitty Rules – PDF included


    The True OSR – Obsolete Shitty Rules – PDF included


    How does it work?

    The True O.S.R. has a one-shot-focused game design, easy to learn and apply. In one session, Players will have to challenge (and defeat) the evil GM in an epic battle with no holds barred!

    All systems compatible

    Want to use all our madness for your boring old school favorite game?
    No problem: The True OSR contains 46 table with a gazillion of possibilities, all compatible with every games around!
    The theme
    The True O.S.R. is a parodic RPG that embraces all the typical themes of classic RPGs (horror, cyberpunk, fantasy, etc.) and mixes them into a bizarre and fun narrative. Along the way you will find all the clichés of traditional RPGs with an explicit, raw and direct twist!

    The rules

    In The True O.S.R. you will find many randomic tables featuring thousands of elements that can be combined to generate new, unexpected and fun combinations seasoned with simple rules but capable of transcending the narrative level!

    What to expect

    Scary illustrations, a fun, beer and pretzel one shot game; another classic crazy project signed by Tin Hat Games!
    Prepare for the worst!


    • Easy and fast game: lets you play immediately and it is perfect for one-shot sessions! Suitable for everyone from noobs to members of the old guard.
    • Innovative gaming experience: OSR style yet featuring unique metanarrative outcomes such as the final Master VS Players battle.
    • Irony filled: let’s take RPG for what it is: a game everyone plays with friends in order to spend a fun night.
    • Long-lasting: you can play it a thousand times with a thousand different outcomes!
    • Compatible:  The True O.S.R. is compatible with classic Old School game systems which can easily replace the basic structure
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  • The True OSR – SICKSTART


    The True OSR – SICKSTART


    Ehi you, nerd!

    Do you wake up in a sweat at night thinking about the tragic and unjust death of your last PC at the hands of a sadistic egomaniacal Master?

    Or maybe you haven’t recovered since your players took advantage of the rules to scoff at your beautiful BBEGs?

    The True OSR

    Obsolete Shitty Rules

    Is here to put an end to these typical ailments of us role players!

    In this SICKSTART you will find the basic rules to approach the “old school” style of play in a parodic way, rules that you will be able to appreciate in their entirety in the full game.

    In detail, we offer you:

    • A classic game system, yet involving the PCs or DM victory with no holds barred!
    • DUNGEON AXE!, an original adventure with a heavy metal flavor featuring a randomizable dungeon different every time!
    • 10 pre-generated characters parodying the most common stereotypes from the many fantastic worlds we all well know!
    • All kinds of tables, including one for determining what happens to a character’s Death and one for unleashing daring Heroic Attacks!
    • A mocking irony that will make you fall off your chair and rethink all the worst situations you have experienced at a game table!

    Not enough for you? Make it enough!

    (You have unlocked a new quest: if you want more you will have to get the full game!)

    Download the Free PDF – HERE

    Follow the KICKSTARTER project HERE

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