Errata Corrige


Pag.40 – Chapter 2 (Arthropoids) Wings: the provided additional Locations have DL12.

Pag. 99 – Chapter 2 (Shrubs) Growth: as the size of the shrub increases, its weight also increases by 10% for each meter it grows in height.

Pag. 81 – Chapter 2 (Necrocordiceps) Exotic Virus: the special traits of any infected Mecha-suits and Shrubs remain with the exception of their Res values.

Pag. 106 – Chapter 2 (Squamata) Requirements: they need 1 Food Portion (any kind) and 1 Water Portion per day

Pag. 170 – Chapter 3 (Checks) Fatigue: Weakened / Stressed / Fatigued scores increase SP expenditure by 1 +1 for per 5 points you currently have.

Pag. 195 – Chapter 4 (Plant-based Resources) Lenitive Ointment should not be included in this list

Pag. 214 – Chapter 4 (Artifacts) Darts: when crafted or selected during character creation you get 5 of them

Pag. 221 – Chapter 4 (Artifacts) Nose Filters: replace Gum with Plastic 

Pag. 223 – Chapter 4 (Artifacts) Rocket Launcher only has Reload 2

Pag. 238 – Chapter 4 (Natural Hazards) Difficult Terrain: Particularly inaccessible terrains can further halve the speed: if any skill or item (such as Footwear) reduce this penalty by 1 or more it will mean that your Speed will be halved 1 or more times less.

Pag. 250 – Chapter 4 (Terrains): In the table at n ° 12 it says to roll 1d6: the result must be compared with the following table to determine the intensity of the earthquake: 1,2,3 = Low, 4 = Medium 5 = High, 6 = Extreme.


Pag. 36 – Chapter 2 (Arthropoids) Queen: the Terrifying ability Immobilizes any individual who fails the resist check by 5 or more

Pag. 196 – Chapter 2 (Stone Beasts): Weight: 200-400Kg

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