Hey losers!

Ever wondered how a post-apocalyptic world of metalheads, raiders and rockers would be? Take a ride to V-World, the gonzo comic book-fanzine where your intentions have no relevance, it’s only a matter of attitude!

V-World is composed by a brutal colorful comic book story and by many articles about the heavy metal/punk/hardcore scene, festivals, cool covers, guitar history and files about the post apocalyptic creatures dwelling the pages of this very 90’s book!

V-World was born from the pencils and morbid ideas of Alessandro Rivaroli and Luca Cristofori and has been published thanks to the collaboration of TIN HAT GAMES and RETRO VOX RECORDS.

 Alessandro Rivaroli & Luca “Cobra” Cristofori: script, pencils, idiocy

Laura Guglielmo: Atomic colors

Andrea Sante Roverselli: Nuclear color assistant

Manuel Strali: Logo from the Eighties, lettering

Sara Villazzi: Graphics, pagination

Carlo “Frizzo” Izzo: Filthy producer

Special Guests

Leonardo “Il Moro” Moretti – special “Copertine da UFO” on volume #1

Giorgio “TRVE” Santucci – tribute to RED on volume #2

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