The True OSR

A one-of-a-kind parodic old-school RPG

🤔 How does it work?

The True O.S.R. has a one-shot-focused game design, easy to learn and apply. In one session, Players will have to challenge (and defeat) the evil Dungeon Master in an epic battle with no holds barred!

💥 The theme

The True O.S.R. is a parodic RPG that embraces all the typical themes of classic RPGs (horror, cyberpunk, fantasy, etc.) and mixes them into a bizarre and fun narrative. Along the way you will find all the clichés of traditional RPGs with an explicit, raw and direct twist!

🎲 The rules

In The True O.S.R. you will find many randomic tables featuring thousands of elements that can be combined to generate new, unexpected and fun combinations seasoned with simple rules but capable of transcending the narrative level!

🤔 What to expect

Scary illustrations, a crazy deluxe edition in a gatefold vinyl box format complete with soundtrack, dice and custom picks as game tokens; another classic big mad project signed by Tin Hat Games!

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