Ehi you, nerd!

Do you wake up in a sweat at night thinking about the tragic and unjust death of your last PC at the hands of a sadistic egomaniacal Master?

Or maybe you haven’t recovered since your players took advantage of the rules to scoff at your beautiful BBEGs?

The True OSR

Obsolete Shitty Rules

Is here to put an end to these typical ailments of us role players!

In this SICKSTART you will find the basic rules to approach the “old school” style of play in a parodic way, rules that you will be able to appreciate in their entirety in the full game.

In detail, we offer you:

  • A classic game system, yet involving the PCs or DM victory with no holds barred!
  • DUNGEON AXE!, an original adventure with a heavy metal flavor featuring a randomizable dungeon different every time!
  • 10 pre-generated characters parodying the most common stereotypes from the many fantastic worlds we all well know!
  • All kinds of tables, including one for determining what happens to a character’s Death and one for unleashing daring Heroic Attacks!
  • A mocking irony that will make you fall off your chair and rethink all the worst situations you have experienced at a game table!

Not enough for you? Make it enough!

(You have unlocked a new quest: if you want more you will have to get the full game!)

Download the Free PDF – HERE

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