XENOSCAPE is a survival-based post-sci-fi RPG with primitive and techno-fantasy shades at the same time.

The setting

Players will be able to take on the role of sentient beings, among the rarest creatures on Materia, an alien world immersed in a time far away from ours. Nature has now completely regained possession of the world that was heavily colonized by the parasitic hand of the Ancient Human Empire, of which today only a few sad remains remain submerged by a magnificent and terrible biosphere, where mammoth creatures and alien to any biological form live existing today.

There is no trace of civilization, there is no coinage and bartering is the only form of universal trade; the few sentient species help each other as best they can hoping to survive day by day in groups of caravans or by creating small nomadic concentrations.
The Law of the Living is the only tradition known and handed down far and wide for millennia: it guarantees the development and respect for Nature and all living species: among its precepts the most important one stands out, namely the absolute prohibition of diffusion of writing, considered the true cause of the decay of the past civilization.
Beings of extreme biology and endowed with fantastic but scientifically plausible abilities populate the planet, generating in the players a continuous sense of discovery and danger.

The Mechanics


XENOSCAPE is a completely original title, from its definition of setting to the regulation tools used to manage storytelling activities.

The XENOSCAPE system is original and has been designed to simulate the functioning of a biological organism. In fact, it is based on a resource management system, precious and fundamental for survival, but also necessary for carrying out notable feats. These resources will represent the energy, immune defenses and nervous system of the characters and can be recovered with rest and, of course, through nutrition, another essential focus of the game.

XENOSCAPE uses six-sided dice, specifically 6mm d6, but which must not be thrown, but used as a scoreboard to be placed on the board to indicate temporary changes in scores. Trials and fights must be managed with prudent strategy and with the correct management of resources, rather than being resolved thanks to a fortuitous roll of the die.

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XENOSCAPE is composed of two volumes, 272 pages each.

Here is what you will find in the Text of Traditions:

👽 INTRODUCTION TO MATERIA its flora, fauna and its civilizations

👽 RULES, perfect to be played immediately and complete with rules to manage your characters and their needs (rest, dreams, nutrition, life, development and death), the antagonists, and the surrounding environment

👽 PLAYING SPECIES: choose from Shrubs, Clones, Mecha-Suits, Necrocordiceps, Squamata and related evolutionary traits to create ever new characters

👽 17 PATHS: what is your character’s role on Materia? A killer? A healer? A wanderer? A merciless survivor?

👽 The Lore and the rules for managing and exploring a collapsing world, illuminated by a red dwarf and inhabited by bizarre and merciless creatures

👽 Objects, Foods, Artifacts, and Resources are meticulously detailed

👽 An entire chapter dedicated to the adventures you will live: how to set them, tips and 10 ideas for adventures ready to be used immediately

Here is what you will find in the Text of the Creatures:

👽 Rules for creating your own creatures by fully customizing character encounters

👽 Encounter tables: a fundamental help to understand what kind of dangers the characters may encounter along their path

👽 70 creatures complete with stats, attack and defense strategies, habits and role models. Also described are the Resources that can be obtained from each creature and how to obtain them

👽 A special on the Materia’s Flora: not all plants have become extinct, on the planet there is a particular flora that can help travelers or abruptly interrupt their journey

👽 13 NPCs complete with detailed sheets: use them in your adventure, face them as enemies, side by side with the party as allies!

👽 A chapter dedicated to the languages ​​of Materia

👽 NPC sheets perfect for schematizing the skills, attacks and resources of NPCs in the game

The formats

👽 XENOSCAPE can be purchased in PDF format, you will download two separate PDFs, one for each book

👽 XENOSCAPE can be purchased in a physical version with hardcover, in this case you will receive the Text of the Traditions and the Text of the Creatures. The purchase of the manuals includes the PDF.

👽 XENOSCAPE can be purchased in a physical version with a hardcover and a special slipcover, in this case you will receive the Text of Traditions, the Text of the Creatures and the green cardboard slipcase to contain both. The purchase of the manuals includes the PDF.

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