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XENOSCAPE Diaries: Focus on: Paths (3/3)

Hello again, sentient beings,

as you already know your XENOSCAPE character will undergo an evolution on two parallel tracks, this is the third and last update focused on Paths, or rather on who your Character is, for the society of Materia.

What are her  abilities? What can she do for the group?

Let’s find out together! Here are the first 6 Paths and their description:


To Oneirophants the Dream is Reality and nothing separates the dimension of wakefulness from sleep.

Travelers, visionaries, theorists and explorers of the infinite possibilities of lucid dreaming, these beings live in a constant search for truth through dreams, an experience that unites all creatures on Materia.

For this reason the Oneirophants posses a Special Ability: Lucid Dream, which grants the possibility to obtain a +1 bonus on the Dream table rolls (for more information on the table you can download the quickstart available on the Kickstarter page), they can also spend points before rolling for an extra bonus.




The Rhapsodes are singers, actors, painters and dancers, in a word artists. 

Their art is much more than research and love for beauty, it is culture; in a world where writing is seen as a blasphemy the Rhapsodes are living knowledge, the sum of all the stories that came before you and all that they saw and experienced. Forbidden knowledge, ancient knowledge, legends and traditions are mixed in their shows and in the legacy they leave to the public; many of them are solitary travelers while others, perhaps the more discerning ones, join small and haggard companies in search of protection.

Rhapsodes have Reputation as a Special Ability that allows them to be welcomed amicably by a population they have never met before, a great asset in a ruthless world.




The Raiders are survival experts, skilled and curious collectors of resources they will use to survive one more day; they know how to get by in every situation but above all they have their eyes wide open in search of useful items.. Some get carried away by hoarding these objects, it is possible to see them spinning adorned with heavy trinkets but those who may seem crazy, are seen as cunning researchers by other Raiders because as they usually say: “there is no useless item”.

Thanks to their Special Ability Reuse Raiders are able to understand how any Manufact works in a few hours of study.




The Sages are individuals whose mission in life is to understand the very meaning of existence: philosophers, orators, ascetics and advisers are part of this category. Experience is what guides them, but unlike Bioshamans, they are convinced that it is the mind that dominates matter and that every topic can be questioned and understood before being addressed.

Their Sharp Words Special Ability allows Sages to Focus on any Interaction check if they agree to receive a +1 Stressed penalty.




The Survivors are those who did not chose a specific path.

Living on Materia means adopting different expedients every day and survival here requires a certain flexibility: it is necessary to know how to cook the most exotic foods but at the same time know how to build tools and know some fighting techniques, not to mention medicine and a thousand other issues. Their Eclectic Special Ability causes the PC to start the game with extra training hours waiting to level up their Skills.


What do you think then? What Path is your favorite?

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