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XENOSCAPE Diaries Focus on: Shrubs

Hello, it’s time for another update!

After the focus on the Paths it’s time to take a closer look at the different playable Sentient Beings, let’s start with the Shrubs!

Who are they?*

There are plants on Materia that absorbed substances originated from genetic engineering experiments which ended up in the ground and that began to develop animal pseudo-organs, to the point of detaching themselves from the soil and becoming conscious.

Given their vegetal nature and unconventional vital needs, Shrubs are simple and not very empathic beings. Only a few behaviors are derived from psychological aspects that could resemble human ones. Their magnificent bodies end with a huge bud whose flowering is one of the most heartfelt traditions during their vital hemicycle.

Shrubs identify with both the female and male gender at the same time.


Genetic Traits*

  • Sturdy Bark: You gain a bonus to Res and can avoid damage.
  • Growth: Your size increases and so does your ability to resist damage.
  • Plant Dialogue: You can talk to non-sentient plant beings.
  • Shoot Seeds: You can shoot seeds as if they were bullets.
  • Extend Branches: You can stretch and retract your limbs as tendrils.
  • Lush flowering: You can make your bud bloom and your coloring attracts or scares the animals.
  • Foliage: You get a thick canopy of leaves that camouflage you in areas rich in vegetation.
  • Improved Photosynthesis: When you spend time in sunlight you recover faster.
  • Special fragrance: you can emit a nauseating or captivating smell.
  • Special Fruits: You can produce very nutritious fruit that ripens faster and faster.
  • Pest: You can graft your seeds into the bodies of animals where they will grow to kill them.
  • Wooden insensitivity: you get high resistance to negative conditions such as Sore, Fatigued, Stressed, Weakened.
  • Special Lymph: The lymph that gushes from your wounds possesses sublime medicinal abilities.
  • Aquatic Plant: you can breathe underwater and you need less sunlight to live.
  • Carnivorous Plant: you can also feed on meat and your bud develops real teeth.
  • Succulent Plant: you can accumulate a lot of water and withstand hot climates better.
  • Poisonous Plant: Your fibers are infused with deadly or psychedelic poison to animals.
  • Improved Roots: You can absorb nutrients from the soil faster and block opponents with roots.
  • Climbing Plant: You gain the ability to easily climb any surface and your grip is particularly difficult to loosen.
  • Special Resin: the resin that flows from your wounds can be used to stop bleeding or as a glue.
  • Regrowth: Your branches grow back slowly and your healing abilities improve in the presence of magnetic fields and radiation.
  • Evergreen: you need to feed less often and withstand low temperatures better.
  • Earth Burial: you can lock yourself underground where you will still have perceptive skills and you can eventually move by digging.
  • Thorns: your body becomes covered with defensive thorns that can eventually be extracted and used as weapons.
  • Spores: You can shed spores that cause lung infections in animals.


Most common names*

  • Acer
  • Opalus
  • Longbranch
  • Laurus
  • Andromeda
  • Salix
  • Oxytropis
  • Heliochtricon
  • Chaerophyllum
  • Dafne
  • Narcissus
  • Sylvania
  • Greenleaves
  • Centaurea
  • Nymphea
  • Elatine
  • Silena
  • Tulpa
  • Voynich
  • Roboar
  • Punica
  • Taxsus
  • Semprevirens
  • Negundo
  • Biloba
  • Achillea

*This is just a glimpse of the Shrubs’ chapter

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