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KENSTEI and the Valley of the Peoples

KENSTEI and the Valley of the Peoples is a XENOSCAPE shared online campaign

Here are the campaign rules:

  • Each group will play once and when all the groups are done with one session (we will call First Cycle, Second Cycle, etc. rounds of sessions) the Narrator will update Materia’s map and report any intertwining between the narrations
  • The events that will take place during a single session and the online map of Materia will be modified and will occur simultaneously with what happens during the sessions of the other groups belonging to the same Cycle
  • Each group will decide in agreement with the narrator when to fix the next session from time to time and the communication of the same will be shown on the Roll20 profile and on our Discord channel
  • Each session will last a minimum of 2.5 to a maximum of 3.5 hours; the online sessions will always be held in the evening from 21:00 onwards (GMT/UTC+2; for international players we can set the sessions even later)
  • Whether the events of a group should meet another group narration, the Narrator will let both of them choose a shared session.
  • The campaign continues until its final resolution and without a set time limit: let’s create something epic!

Participating groups must:

  • Create from 3 to 5 PCs according to the Standard Model of creation shown in the Text of Traditions (EF 2) and send them to for approval by May 18th
  • The PCs thus created will be able to get to know each other and have a common background or not of your choice.
  • Get in profile on Roll20 where the game sessions will be held and join our Discord channel that we will use to communicate
  • The starting point for the adventure will be the Valley of the Peoples, an immense wooded and luxuriant enclave surrounded on one side by inaccessible mountains and on the other by a deep ravine: each PC or group of PCs will have to choose the starting area among these:
  1. City in the Desert
  2. Village in the Forest
  3. Desert
  4. North Mountains
  5. South Mountains
  6. South Forest
  7. Flat land
  8. North Forest
  9. Village in the Hills
  10. Central Swamp


Materia is a thriving, living and deadly planet.

The PCs, the sentient beings who will have to fight to see the dawn of a new day, will have to team up, do their best to find and conserve fundamental resources and defeat their enemies but not only: they will be able to explore a new environment, never seen before, and share their findings with others.


Thanks to the 3D map of Materia, players will be able not only to know the places in the setting but to report new ones, tracing the main characteristics of the terrain, the societies that inhabit it, the predators that infest it and other useful information.

As we have already done with #UrbanHeroes and the HEROESbook project we want to create an open source and sandbox game environment, in which the players are not only spectators but an active part in building the game world, sharing theirs with us and the rest of the community. ideas and proposals to expand the game world.

Game Resources

XENOSCAPE is still available in Late Pledge at a discounted price, at the end of May we will close it and the game will be available only on our shop.

You can download for free the XENOSCAPE Quickstart and the character sheets at the Free Download section on our shop.

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