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Materia 3D

“…Muscles of eroded stone

From millennia

Covered by the thickest

Forest fleece crossed

By now dried veins..”

Welcome to Materia!

To celebrate the printing of XENOSCAPE and the beginning of your next adventures, we decided to provide you with a new tool: on our website you can consult the 3D map of the planet where the game is set, navigate the various known areas and… actively contribute to the exploration and discovery of this alien and fantastic world!

Here is a brief explanation of the features it offers:

  • Each section delimited by the grid on the planet has 200km long sides
  • Choose a section from those delimited by the grid in which to set the adventure with your group; if it does not already contain a description, invent the features and create a detailed map according to the territory (territories are described in the Text of the Traditions) and as the group moves from section to section proceed to produce new maps and descriptions (complete with NPCs, structures, guilds, fauna, flora, etc.)
  • Send the description of the section(s) in which you played your adventure along with the main events that occurred there (even better if accompanied by an illustration!) to; our staff will edit the text and enter the data online so as to contribute to the discovery of Materia! Your adventures will become part of the XENOSCAPE setting itself and will provide other groups with ideas and original environments in which to set their own stories.

What are you waiting for then?

We can’t wait to receive your stories and discover this bizarre world with you!

Game Resources

Take part at KENSTEI, our first XENOSCAPE shared campaign!

XENOSCAPE is still available in Late Pledge at a discounted price, at the end of May we will close it and the game will be available only on our shop.

You can download for free the XENOSCAPE Quickstart and the character sheets at the Free Download section on our shop.


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