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Hello, sentient beings!

Let’s get straight to the point: how are the works with XENOSCAPE progressing?

The answer is long, fasten your seat belts!



The first book, TRADITIONS, with the game system, the rules, the playable species, the game world and everything you will need to take your first steps on Materia has been completely written!

Editing is proceeding quickly (we are around at 50%) and pagination is progressing at the same pace.

The second book, CREATURES, is currently being written and we can’t wait to show you more about everything that will devour… that you will meet!

To save as much time as possible we will proceed in parallel with editing and layout and then move on to the final stage of proofreading and translation (and subsequent second layout).



The LEGENDS digital book, including all the contributions of our designer and creative friends, is becoming something really interesting: we have received almost all the material, we will have to review, adapt and layout it but we are sure it will become a very good compendium!

Here is a small preview of the content we have at the moment:

  • Evohack by Chad Walker
  • Evolution by Claudio Serena
  • The celestial city by Mauro Longo
  • The story of X’tarat by Mike Dedwan
  • The condemnation of the nymphs by Simone Morini
  • MOTHER by Tommaso De Benetti
  • Tales and Poems by Alessandro Rivaroli



Two new artists joined our ranks: Pietro Bastas (one of the winners of the contest we organized on our Facebook community) and Mattia Sarti, both are completing the missing art and giving life to the nightmares that populate Materia.

You can find all these masterpieces in the Xenoscape artbook, which we will lay out as soon as CREATURE editing is finished.

Art by Pietro Bastas
Art by Mattia Sarti



Once the final proofreading is finished, the texts will be translated, even in that case we will have to check everything and re-layout but it will not take long to adapt the texts to the layout format.



We have received some tests for the slipcover and the other PU leather elements and they are amazing!

You can see them below too, they are resistant, well made, branded with the Xenoscape logo (we are thinking of adding something to the X you see here, what do you think?) and perfect for their purpose!

Slipcover – front
Slipcover – inside
A test with a book

Giovanni Calore‘s portraits are almost completed, we are sending them for approval, once approved we will send a copy in digital format and print them to include in your final order!

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Continue following us for more info about the project and many more things!

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