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👉 Xenoscape Late Pledge 👈

Thanks to the wonderful work of our webmaster Alessia we can finally show you the late pledge page that will let you add items to your order, place a new order or buy games that we previously published!

Let’s find out more closely:

How can I change the language and currency?

In the upper left part (or in the upper part of the page, it depends on the resolution of your monitor) you have the possibility to switch from Italian to English and vice versa or change the currency from EUR to US Dollar.

How can I place an order?

Very simple: choose what you want, choose the quantity from the drop-down menu, the total will update automatically!

Proceed to checkout (last box at the bottom right) by entering your email, your full name, and your address in the fields, then enter notes, if you deem it appropriate.

An example for your notes:

  • enter your backer number here (you can find your backer number HERE)
  • enter here special requests about the language of the products you ordered
  • add information that can help with delivery

What about shipping costs?

A couple of necessary clarifications:

  1. only games or physical components require shipping
  2. shipping costs depend on the weight of your order, once we have all the material we will contact you at the email you provided so that you can fulfill the shipping costs payment via PayPal

If you are a backer we will send everything you add along with the XENOSCAPE material you are waiting for.

If you are not a backer we will send the XENOSCAPE material as soon as it is ready, at the same time as the backers’ order ships.

If you buy any other games we previously published we will add them to your XENOSCAPE order, do you want to receive them sooner? No problem, write to us and we will schedule a shipment!

Shipping costs will be calculated only once we have all the material in our hands.

We will contact you at the email you provided to proceed with the payment using PayPal.

👉 Xenoscape Late Pledge 👈

>>> Download the XENOSCAPE free and playable quickstart HERE

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