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  • #UrbanHeroes – Core Rulebook

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    #UrbanHeroes – Core Rulebook


    Inside #URBANHEROES – Core Rulebook you will find

    Book: Over 280 fullcolor pages, color softcover or hardcover, character sheets (PC and NPC).

    Rules: Original incremental dice system rules. No modifiers, thus no hard calculation skills needed. You will not be required to roll too many dice at once. Full rule coverage for every single natural phenomenon. Easy rules for beginners and rich experience for experts.

    Powers: Five classic superhero-related Origins of Power (Magical, Psionic, Divine, Genetic and Objects) revisited in a contemporary setting. A hundred Powers that can be mixed and matched to create a unique character. All of the Powers work in conformity to actual physical laws.

    Advancement: Fast advancement rules let you customize your character Episode after Episode. Comic book-related Power Ups

    Abilities: Innovative Abilities that rely on the player’s problem solving and decision making skills. More than 20 Specializations let you customize your character as a real person.

    Scenario: A 7-chapter presentation of the Earth-Z backstory with stunning graphical illustrations. Detailed description of a contemporary world inhabited by superheroes. Plots, adventure seeds and tips for the Scriptwriter. Discover multifarious factions, corporations, vigilantes’ teams and H.E.R.O. profiles.

    Extras: #UrbanHeroes is a world that grows day after day, visiting our social account you can find free stuff that will help you play.

    On our Issuu profile you’ll find some preview and free content for example a selection of 40 pages from the rulebook and the first 20 pages.

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  • Scriptwriter’ Screen


    Scriptwriter’ Screen


    On the front you will find an amazing illustration by Antonio De Luca (Warner Bros, League of Legends, Magic: The Gathering), one of the most talented concept artist around.

    In the back you will find:

    on the left: combat section, prolonged tests, H.E.R.O.’s progress table.

    center: die progression, Fatigue, Psyche, Damages.

    on the right: Conditions’ table.

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