Laura Guglielmo

Laura started telling stories very soon and unfortunately she is not gonna stop soon.

Graduated in Pictorial Decoration and Traditional Animation she worked in the visual art, boardgames (Editrice Giochi, Tin Hat Games), animation (Studio Bozzetto), videogames (deSwag, Angrymals, Dream Detective), textile design (Miroglio Group, the ColorSoup) sectors.

In the comic books field she worked for Studio Gotem, as color assistant for Delcourt and Glénat, and she worked as editor, author and writer for Grimorio, a brief sorcery based collection of stories.

She is now writing a children’s story for Bao Publishing (Supergum!) that will be out in 2017 while she keeps being Attaccapanni’s editor, the newborn studio from which Grimorio came and that is waiting to publish 2 more anthologies before the end of the next year.

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