Tin Hat Games

Fantasy Pug Quest

Players: 1-5

From 30 to 50 minutes

Age: 10+

FANTASY PUG QUEST is a cooperative card game where players will impersonate uncanny pugs struggling through epic quests.

In FANTASY PUG QUEST the Amazing Worlds are menaced by powerful and evil invaders followed by armies of feral Monsters and it will be up to you to gather the best Heroes of the realms to bring back peace and canine harmony!

FANTASY PUG QUEST is a turn based game for 1 to 5 players suggested for age 8+ with an average duration of 30 minutes per play, characterised by a simple yet endearing game design and by several combos which makes each game unique.

Tha game box will contain 150 cards and 80 tokens approximately; the project will be launched soon on Kickstarter, thus we could develop expansions and many different add-ons.

The whole project is illustrated by Mariano De Biase, pug lover and author of the PUG LIFE Facebook fan page.

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